With the current economic climate, it’s becoming more difficult than ever to attract not only top-tier talent for your manufacturing company but really just any number of applicants at all. The job market is full of opportunities for workers everywhere, and this allows those in the workforce the ability to freely pick and choose where they want to go.

So how does an organization truly attract top talent?

Some manufacturers choose to get into bidding wars for the best talent. While the saying money talks definitely comes into play for many workers, that’s only one part of the puzzle here–and one that isn’t likely to cause your top talent to stay with your organization long-term.

Workers are now looking for more than just a paycheck when it comes to their careers. They’re looking for opportunities to learn and grow and be a part of something of value. But none of this can happen without adequate leadership up top.

Attracting And Retaining Talent Starts At The Top

Similar to the parent-child relationship at home, the manager-worker relationship within organizations is vital to the ultimate success of the company. The old saying, “People don’t leave jobs, they leave managers,” isn’t just a cliche, it’s been proven time and time to be true.

Gallup research proves that organizations with flourishing cultures focus on managers. These world-class companies invest in transformative manager development and hold managers accountable for metrics that matter.”

Here at Auto-Valve, Inc. in Dayton, Ohio, we continually focus on increasing the strengths of our leadership team to ensure that employee engagement continues to trend in the right direction.

The focus of this initiative is not only to make the workforce more stable and dependable but also to continue to increase profits, as the initiative empowers our employees to do what they do best–and more of it.

There’s a reason we don’t read about war victories under the leadership of a weak general. Likewise, we can’t expect companies to thrive under weak management.

It’s time to invest in our workforce leaders. It’s an investment that will pay huge dividends in the long run.