It’s not a secret that customer satisfaction hinges on a company’s ability to meet expectations and that companies who exceed expectations attract repeat customers.Top-notch manufacturers know that exceeding expectations creates staying power for both the company and the customer. 

Quality Directly Correlates to Customer Satisfaction 

Customer satisfaction is defined as “a measurement that determines how happy customers are with a company’s products, services, and capabilities.” To escape a poor review from a customer, you meet that customer’s expectations. But meeting expectations doesn’t always make customers turn into loyal, repeat customers; meeting expectations just better ensures that a customer isn’t unhappy.

To earn a repeat customer, you exceed expectations. How, you ask, do you figure out which companies are hitting quality and their customer’s expectations out of the park? When looking for a company to exceed your needs, pay attention to the companies who ask questions and don’t assume. The companies who clearly state what you can and should expect from them are the companies unafraid to be held to those standards.

Share Your Blueprint for Quality

Consider AVI, a designer and manufacturer of precision machined aerospace components and assemblies that not only promises on-time delivery of error-free goods and services that meet or exceed the expectations of customers, but also explains, in writing, exactly how they plan to deliver on that promise. 

  • “Conformance to print and specification”
  • “Early detection and prevention of discrepancies”
  • “Adherence to statutory and regulatory requirements”
  • “A basis for strategy of continuous improvement”
  • “Improved communication and training within the company”

When a company isn’t afraid to articulate precisely how they plan to meet and exceed customer needs, they are a company worthy of your attention. Repeat customers aren’t a given; they’re earned. And the fastest way to earn repeat customers and better ensure your company’s success is to focus on your product and service quality and transparency.