It may seem that success favors the youth, specifically those in silicon valley or on a social networking platform. Teens and twenty-somethings are incredible forces to be reckoned with and have ideas that shape and guide industry on all levels. However, entrepreneurial success is not exclusively for those who only know Seinfeld through reruns and who have no memories of watching NBA powerhouse Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in action.

The truth is, age often summons wisdom, maturity, and an incredible sense of purpose and passion. 

Successful Pursuits Later in Life

Consider the following industry giants who found success in their thirties or later and, in one case, the age of 96!

Martha Stewart: “… built her first business (catering) in her mid-thirties. She was nearly fifty before signing a deal to develop the Martha Stewart Living magazine.”

Vera Wang: “… the famous designer did not even begin designing clothes professionally until the age of 39.”

Reid Hoffman: “… founded LinkedIn at the ripe age of 35.”

Ray Kroc (McDonald’s): At the age of 51, “he stumbled upon a small chain of hamburger stands run by the MacDonald brothers and he pitched them on expanding the chain into a corporation.”

Colonel Sanders (Kentucky Fried Chicken): “… in 1930, the then 40-year-old Sanders was operating a service station in Corbin, Kentucky, and it was there that he began cooking for hungry travelers who stopped in for gas.”

Henry Ford: “Quintessential American businessman Henry Ford was one month shy of his 40th birthday when he founded his namesake company.”

Stan Lee: “… created his first hit comic, “The Fantastic Four,” just shy of his 39th birthday in 1961.”

Harry Bernstein: “… authored countless rejected books before getting his first hit at age 96.”

Never underestimate the power of life experiences because they often push and challenge passions to become stronger and more compelling than ever.

Pursue Your Passion

Never settle.
Never stop dreaming.
Never stop evolving.
Pursue life your entire life. 

Refuse to be anything other than your absolute best, and that includes believing that it’s never too late to reroute your life in a direction that fuels you most. Age is merely time to elevate and harness your craft; it is not an expiration date for your dreams. 

Author: Evelyn Lindell