Vent Valves

Vent valves are used to allow the pressure in the tank to balance while preventing the spillage of the fluid through the vent lines. These valves allow the free flow of fluid or air in or out of a chamber or tank until they close, usually activated by a float.


AVI Check ValveDuring refueling, incoming fuel dis-places the air in the tank. The vent valve allows this air to escape through a designated vent path.


AVI Commercial Applications


Positive-negative or thermal/pressure relief functions are incorporated in many of these valves to meet the requirements of today’s modern systems.


AVI Check ValveAuto-valve offers a selection
of float valves available for a wide variety of applications. If your application requires something special, Auto-Valve can design and engineer a solution. Contact our sales or engineering staff for more information.

  When the tank is full, the float valve closes preventing the fuel from escaping. These valves also allow air to renter the tank as fuel is consumed preventing dangerous negative pressure and potential fuel starvation. Vent valves protect the fuel   tank from pressure damage due to expansion and contraction of the fuel due to changes in temperature. In some applications they incorporate measures to prevent the fuel from exiting the tank when the aircraft is inverted either during flight or in an emergency.  
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