Air System


AVI is also experienced with products required to control the flow of air and gasses.

The oxygen system requires valves to control the flow of gaseous oxygen from the onboard oxygen generating system or storage tanks. These valves are very precise and must close completely to prevent leakage when not in use.


The inerting systems also have some special valves to accommodate the flow of nitrogen rich gas into the tank while preventing fuel and fuel vapor from entering the inerting system.


Bleed air systems scavenge hot air from the engines and transfer it for use in other parts of the aircraft. This high heat environment requires the use of special materials and seals to perform for long periods. The combined use of stainless steel and titanium provides the increased durability while not adding unwanted weight. These valves routinely operate in temperatures above 450° F. These valves are often found as part of the anti-ice and de-fog systems, where heat is required.






Flow Control Valves



Shut Off Valves



Check Valves



Whether you are looking for a suite of components for a new project, or a single component for a retrofit project, AVI is ready to help.


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