Shut Off Valves

Shut off valves are designed to control the flow of fluid within the system. AVI offers shut off valves for use in water, oil, pneumatic, fuel, and hydraulic systems. These valves are typically either ball or poppet style.

AVI Check Valve


Ball type shut off valves can also be designed as a diverter
or control valve.


AVI Commercial Applications


Ball valves are one of the most free flowing valve types due to the limited internal obstructions when fully open.


Poppet style shut off valves are popular in low pressure applications where flow restriction is not critical and a lighter weight is desired. Poppet style shut off valves are also well suited to non-locking normally closed applications.

  A two-way ball valve is primarily a shut off valve offering open and closed positions. A three-way ball valve offers the ability to send the fluid to one of   AVI Check Valvetwo different ports, or in some designs both ports with a closed option as well.  
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