Quality is Priority One at AVI

Years of experience, a quality minded attitude, state of the art inspection equipment, as well as attaining the ISO9001 and AS9100 quality certifications have allowed AVI to maintain an impeccable quality record.


ISO9001 Certified

AS9100 Certified

Awarded Best
   Manufacturing Practices
   from the Department of
   the Navy in 2003 [pdf]

In-house qualification and
   certification capabilities

Continuous improvement
   in all that we do

Oasis Optical
   Measurement System


























AVI AS9100 Certificate



AVI AS9100 Product Testing
Each AVI employee is considered to be a member of the quality team and every employee works hard to maintain our quality standards and exceed your expectations.

AVI Eagle Registrations


AVI Multi axis testingEvery valve that AVI produces is tested before being shipped to the customer; this ensures that the valve will perform reliably and as intended each and every time.







AVI AS9100 ANAB Certification

Auto-Valve, Inc.
Customer Specification Date
Agusta  As-S-055 Rev A  12/05/95
Airmaze Approved Supplier 09/02/98
Alliedsignal A.E.S., Tempe, Az Supplier Survey Committee 07/31/98
Bell Helicopeter Textron, Inc. QPS Approval 100, 102  08/01/02
Boeing Vetol Company D8-4890.100 05/00/91
Cessna Approval Letter 08/13/02
Commander Aircraft Company Approval Letter 11/29/99
Defense Contract Management (DOD) Letter and Certification 11/20/00
EFS Aerospace, Inc. Approval Letter 10/17/03
Energy Containers Corporation Level "A" 06/06/89
Fairchild Aircraft Q.A.-100 11/21/91
Fibertek Approval Letter 01/17/90
Federal Aviation Administration Acsep 01/10/95
Gulfsteam Aerospace Approval Letter 09/17/03
IMP Group Aerospace Division Approval Letter 08/16/02
Israel Aircraft Industries Mil-I -45208A 08/23/01
J.C. Carter Company Jcc 1062 10/01/91
Kaman Aerospace Corporation Approval Letter 05/10/01
Lear / Astronics Development Science Center Approval Letter 08/06/92
Learjet LQC #113 01/03/91
Lockheed Martin - Aeronautical Systems Co.  MIL-I-45208 (SPC Certified) (Star Supplier Award) 05/00/94
Mcdonnell Douglas Aerospace Preferred Supplier (Bronze Level) 02/23/93
Mitsubishi Heavy Ind. American, Inc (Aircraft Support) Approval Letter 07/23/04
Mooney Aircraft Company Approval Letter 05/06/02
Northrop Q.A. 500 Level 2 (Key Plan) 08/01/95
Parker Hannifan Corp.- Airborne Div. Approval Letter 03/07/00
Rockwell International North American Operations STO802GT0002 Rev "N" 08/22/90
Raisbeck Engineering  Approval Letter 08/05/98
Raytheon Aircraft Company Approval Letter 01/09/01
Rohr Industries Inc. Bronze Level 07/00/93
Rolls Royce plc Aerospace Group Approval No. 11855 05/06/98
Sargent Fletcher Company MIL-I-45208 Level 2 01/03/91
Textron Lycoming - Turbine Engin Div. Approved Supplier List 06/06/94
Twin Commander Aircraft Corporation Approval Letter 04/21/91
United Technologies - Sikorsky Aircraft  Approval Letter 06/29/90
United Fasteners Co. Inc.  Approval Letter 08/10/97
Vought Aircraft Industries Preferred Performer Program - Gold Level 06/24/03
Westland Helicopters Limited Letter and Certification 07/18/01
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Auto-Valve, Inc.