Drain Valves

The ability to drain and pull samples from aircraft fuel systems is an important part of the fuel systems design. AVI has been designing sampling and drain valves for nearly 60 years. Many of the early valve designs were so well engineered they are still in use today.


Sampling drain valves are typically poppet style valves AVI Check Valvethat allow for a small amount of fuel to be pulled from the tank during pre flight safety inspections. These valves may be mounted inside an access panel or directly AVI Check Valvethrough the skin of the aircraft. The AVI Mission is to be the premier provider of fluid system components on a world-wide basis.


Drain and defuel valves may be a poppet style of a ball style. These valves are used primarily to drain the entire fuel system for repairs or maintenance. They are typically located inside an AVI Pressure Valveaccess panel, so lightning resistance is not normally
a concern.


AVI also supplies remote actuated drain valves that can be used to drain tanks or in some cases to transfer fuel from one tank to another. These valves can be designed with a variety of fittings to fit most applications.

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