Check Valves

Check Valves are a category of products used in fluid systems to prevent return or back flow.


Many systems are designed for flow to travel only in one direction, and the use of a check valve insures that this is the case. AVI offers several standard types of check valves, including AVI Check Valvepoppet style; swing flapper (inline and bulkhead mount), and split butterfly styles.


Poppet style check valves offer a wide range of cracking pressures, and very low leakage.


AVI Check Valve

These are ideal for inline applications where a positive check is required.


Inline flapper style check valves are ideal for high flow low pressure applications.


AVI Check ValveBulkhead mount or clack style valves are used to control the movement of fluid between tank compartments, commonly used in fuel cells.


Split Butterfly check valves are typically used in line

AVI Check Valve in high flow moderate pressure applications such as fuel transfer. These valves have a very low cracking pressure and can be designed to handle very high temperatures as seen in bleed air environments.


AVI has several different design approaches that are tailored to meet the specific application requirements. Application requirements for a given check valve include operating pressures, temperature, actuation or cracking pressure, closing pressure, flow requirements and leakage.


Seal selection is also critical to the valve’s performance.


AVI offers valves with seals made from elastomeric compounds, carbon compounds, and metal to metal seats depending upon the specific application requirements.


Materials used in the manufacture of a check valve vary from aircraft grade aluminum to stainless steel and other high temperature alloys. Selection of materials is generally driven by the systems pressure requirements, but the media used in the system, temperature requirements, and the weight limitations of the system are all considered when applying an existing design or proposing a new or modified valve.

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